Serious Outdoor Travel Gear For Swimmers

Available on the market today is some really great waterproof cameras so that as the weather begins to heat up the individuals are sure to be spending more time underwater. With all the beautiful water ways in the world that are available for individuals to spend their summer time vacations at, who wants to miss out on capturing their experiences on film.As the mercury continues to rise and the temperatures tend to sizzle individuals are undoubtedly considering taking a plunge in a cool body of water whether it be a pool, lake, or an ocean. If the individual now wants to snap some photographs of their waterside fun all they need to do is to purchase a waterproof camera. There are several that are now developed that are small as well as sophisticated and lightweight.One terrific waterproof camera is the Olympus Stylus 850 SW, which is waterproof, shock resistant, and freeze resistant. It has a sleek look and a built in flash in a high tech digital camera with a sharp two and half inch LCD screen. It can be dropped from five feet above the ground, dunked into a pool of water up to ten feet, and even chilled to an incredible freezing temperature of fourteen degrees Fahrenheit and it will still produce incredibly sharp eight megapixel photographs. This wonderful camera has a optical zoom of three times and face detection software that can tell whether the the subject is human or landscape. The buttons are small and the camera only weighs five ounces.Another terrific waterproof camera available on the market is the Pentax Optio W30, which is small and lightweight that can also be submersed in water up to ten feet. It has a three times optical zoom with face recognition capability, seven point one megapixel sharpness, a built in flash, and a two and a half inch viewing screen. This camera takes incredibly sharp photographs above and below the surface of the water, but it is not shock proof.The SeaLife ECOshot is another camera for the serious underwater enthusiasts, which can be submersed in water up to seventy-five feet and can withstand a drop from six feet off the ground. The ECOshot takes six megapixel-quality photographs, but it offer no optical zoom only a digital zoom and it has no face-recognition abilities. This camera only weighs half a pound and is wrapped in hard, military strength rubber. It is sturdy as well as a heavy piece of hardware that should be considered in purchasing if the individual needs a perilous underwater adventure.If the individual does not want to spend more than two hundred dollars on a waterproof camera, then he or she should consider purchasing a one time use thirty-five mm camera like the Kodak Sport. It is lightweight and easy to use as well as shock resistant and waterproof up to fifty feet. The Kodak Sport does rely on film, but it takes incredible photographs and has extremely great lighting capabilities.

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